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To remain future proof, organizations need a structured approach to develop relevant innovations faster than others. Boosters provide measurable results at a rapid pace. We work with internal teams and ensure success along the continuum from ideation to commercialization.

Embedding innovation in an organization requires both a structure and a mindset that matches the organizational structure and culture. Developing these is an innovation in its own right. Boosters design tailor-made innovation structures; get the process running and; safeguard it by implementing the appropriate governance.

To make innovation sustainable, organizations need a smart strategy that prepares them for tomorrow’s world. Boosters activate inspirational visions and translate them into action. Enabling you to proceed straight ahead towards a portfolio of profitable innovations.

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Meet the Boosters

Anthony Meyer zu Schlochtern

Founding Booster

To show the world that there are other ways to be successful.

Allard Volker

Founding Booster

Finding balance in social surroundings.

Bart van der Werf

Founding Booster

Do epic shit with epic people!

Roos Hofland

Lead Innovation Booster US

Go there where nobody else is willing to go and make a significant impact.

Jet van Strijp

Innovation Booster

Exploring life in pursuit of new experiences, knowledge and meaningful connections.

Ernst Weijers

Innovation Booster

Contributing positively to the effect innovation and digitalisation is having on our society.

Jaimy Quadekker

Innovation Booster

Growth and development through connection.

Daan Snijders

Innovation Booster

Discover what makes you tick.

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