Een nieuw innovatieproces inrichten en meer betrokkenheid genereren onder werknemers



As an energy provider, how do you ensure that your employees’ knowledge and ideas are utilized effectively? Alliander’s challenge was to engage their 7,000 employees in the generation of innovative ideas. At the same time, they asked for assistance in preventing disappointment among the employees whose ideas did not lead to propositions or projects.


We developed an innovation process and governance structure in which ideas are more likely discussed with a team leader than a more senior manager. The innovation studio was established as part of this new structure. The innovation studio offers space for ideas that require additional validation and elaboration. Experiments are designed and carried out using innovation methodologies. This also creates the opportunity to work together with the person who presented the idea.

In addition, employees were actively invited to join brainstorming sessions, in which they received help in honing their ideas. This resulted in employees at all levels of the company enjoying innovation more and feeling more engaged with it.


Increased engagement, more enjoyment and less resistance to innovation, which in turn resulted in:

Some 150 ideas were generated

6 ideas were implemented

Around €10,000,000 was saved on costs


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