Start an innovation lab and learn a new way of working



As an innovating organization providing innovative services, Evides aims to continue attracting new customers and talent. We were tasked with supporting this aim by helping Evides formulate its innovation objectives and to establish a suitable transformation process. We started small initially, with three innovation teams and a focused core team.


The WEI.LAB was created in collaboration with Evides. In the WEI.LAB, the right ideas are generated and honed. Team in the WEI.LAB carry out experiments that validate the riskiest assumptions in the real world. In addition, multidisciplinary teams within Evides have become excited about a new way of working: entrepreneurial innovation. The accompanying methodologies focus on speeding up innovation.


  • 8 propositions have been validated
  • 2 of the validated propositions have been implemented
  • 70 people were involved in the various innovations and 35 individuals received training in the methodologies and the working methods
  • Over 70 workshops have been presented


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