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Regarding the publishing industry, it is difficult to predict the success factor of a published book, which makes publishers often too dependent on unpredictable best-sellers. The process can be compared to a roulette table – it is like throwing something onto the market without knowing if it is going to be profitable. This uncertainty creates problems for the publisher. 

In addition, the current active reading market is waning. Even though book sales are not yet diminishing, due to the number of books still given as presents, the group of active readers is getting smaller. This implies that the market for the types of books that Nieuw Amsterdam publishes is gradually decreasing.


Team Riva is the name for the ‘speed boat’ project team that came into being when working with Innovation Booster. This project team aims at being able to quickly spot opportunities in the market for (commercially) successful books. In this way, Uitgeefhuis Nieuw Amsterdam (UNA) will have an extra scout that will enable the whole company to do better. xx Team Riva will try to gain insight into the preferences of a new readers’ group to increase the predictability of the success factors of certain books and to decrease the risk for the publisher. In this way, there will be fewer unpredictable hits and only books that prove popular with a new readers’ group will be published.


  • An innovation team that has come into being through a validated process 
  • A tested method for spotting new opportunities
  • An experimental method to increase predictability through testing the needs of a new target group
  • A step-by-step plan to enable innovation within the organization 
  • Within eight weeks, eight new leads for potentially successful books


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